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Rider Numbers
21 27/03/2022: 54
20 07/04/2019: 52
19 25/03/2018: 37
18 26/03/2017: 59
17 20/03/2016: 72
16 29/03/2015: 31
15 30/03/2014: 50
14 24/03/2013: 3
13 25/03/2012: 52
12 27/03/2011: 56
11 28/03/2010: 60
10 29/03/2009: 59
9 30/03/2008: 43
8 18/03/2007: 63
7 19/03/2006: 67
6 20/03/2005: 71
5 28/03/2004: 50
4 06/04/2003: 41
3 07/04/2002: 30
2 08/04/2001: 25
1 15/04/2000: 14

A popular event that we've been running for more than twenty years. In 2023 you can use this to qualify for PBP
Cysyllte Bridge
Cysyllte Bridge

The revised route avoids some roads that have got busier over those 20 years. We now cross the River Dee at Cysyllte bridge, dated 1697 (so take care not to scratch it). From the bridge, you get a great view of the nearby Pontcysllyte Aqueduct, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Indeed, if you have a head for heights, you may instead take the opportunity to walk over what is both Great Britain's longest and the world's tallest aqueduct.

The ride starts from Poynton Methodist Church where you'll be welcomed with a cup of tea (or coffee). The early part of the ride then heads towards Bollington using lanes from the original version of the route when we started at Wood Lanes. Then it's fairly flat across Cheshire into Wales.
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The ride returns into England with a short but testing climb at Pont Llygoden. The rest of the route will be familiar to previous riders, taking in Carden and Tattenhall. You can still stop at Newton Hall Icecream Farm, but on a sunny afternoon you will find it very busy. Instead our control is at Tarporley where there is a coffee machine in the Spar, or there is a cafe at the Shire Horse Centre.

We'll be using the eBrevet e_Brevet app so download this to your smart phone (if you have one). You'll still be given a traditional Brevet Card on actual card.
A short climb on an otherwise flatish ride
A short climb on an otherwise flatish ride

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