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Rider Numbers
15 10/11/2019: 71
14 11/11/2018: 91
13 12/11/2017: 90
12 06/11/2016: 88
11 08/11/2015: 52
10 09/11/2014: 63
9 10/11/2013: 55
8 11/11/2012: 67
7 16/11/2011: 60
6 14/11/2010: 43
5 08/11/2009: 66
4 09/11/2008: 54
3 04/11/2007: 65
2 12/11/2006: 60
1 13/11/2005: 54

The ride is back after the Covid pause in 2020. Sadly, the closure of Eureka Cafe after over 80 years of serving Merseysiders means that there have had to be some changes to the route, so if you've ridden this before make sure you know where you are going! We've taken the opportunity to take out some bits of roads which have got rather busy since we first set up this ride, and we think the new version is going to be a bit of a treat. There are plenty of quiet lanes, some picturesque villages, and a superb traffic-free route along the Dee Estuary.
The bridge at Saltney Ferry
The bridge at Saltney Ferry

There is a new way out from Cheadle to avoid the ever-changing road network around the Airport. This involves a short bit of off-road riding along the Transpennine Trail near Dunham Massey, but you should find this is OK even on the skinniest tyres. However if you're not sure, look at the map and continue down Dunham Road and to Heatley. For those in the know, there is a handy short-cut just after Dunham Massey, over the very narrow footbridge to the Swan with Two Nicks (too narrow for trikes!), but again, check the map beforehand.

From there we're back on the traditional route through Appleton and Preston Brook, then following the A56 through Frodsham and Helsby to reach Mickle Trafford.

There is a change of route after Capenhurst where, instead of vising Eureka Cafe, we head north up the Wirral as far as Heswall. The path goes through Oaks Farm before Willaston, and although it is concrete if can be rather 'agricultural' so watch that you don't slip, and you might not want to be right behind someone's back wheel! The route then reaches the Dee Estuary after Neston with spectacular views across to Wales. Our major cafe stop is at Nets Cafe, just after Neston.

The next few kilometres are completely traffic free as we use the Burton Marsh Greenway, then alongside the River Dee, dead-straight with no shelter for about 7km. A head-wind here would be bad news as you aim for the footbridge at Saltney Ferry, almost impossible to see at first but it is there somewhere. From here we're back on the traditional route to Rossett, Cross Lanes and Bangor-on-Dee.
Eureka Cafe, looking after cyclists for 80 years
Eureka Cafe, looking after cyclists for 80 years

As well as Nets cafe, where you will need to get your Brevet Card stamped, there are other cafes along the route which you might find handy, including Dunham on the Hill (45km), Rossett (107km), Bunbury (159km) and Middlewich (182km).

If you enter the event but find that you cannot ride on the day because of bad weather, bad health, or family commitments, the ride is registered as a Permanent so you can ride at some more convenient (and warmer) time of year.
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