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All events for 2020 have been suspended by Audax UK until futher notice.However, as the Lockdown eases off, certain Perms will be back from 1st August. These include the rides up to and including 200s.We're hoping that our Calendar events and the Super Randonneur Perms will return before too long, although no date has yet been set for this further relaxation of restrictions.Click here to see some rides you might attempt.

Beard Cup - Sunday 16th August 2020 cancelled

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Unfortunately the Beard Cup will not be run in 2020 after all.

2020 has been a difficult year, but we hope the worst of it is over now with some things returning towards normality.One event which is going to take place is the Manchester & District CTC Beard Cup Hill Climb, which will be held on Sunday the 16th August 2020 with the First Rider at 14:00. This is one month ahead of its usual slot to accommodate other events in a compressed season.

Come along and cheer the competitors as they hurtle (if that's the right word!) up Huddersfield Road in Diggle. Better still, have a go yourself!

The course is just 1 mile, starting from the Carr Lane/Harrop Green Lane/Huddersfield Road junction (grid reference SE 004 081) and finishing just short of the junction with A62.

There will be some changes to the organisation to maintain compliance with the current government social distancing rules
  • It's a standing start for everyone, so no push-off on the start line
  • Rider numbers are limited to 120
  • Preference in the field will be given to riders from Manchester & District CTC
  • Thereafter, preference to other riders will be given on a 'first come first served' basis

Click here for the Entry form.

There are awards for Fastest team of three, Men, Women, U16's boys and girls and the much coveted 'Tourist Trophy' for those who like to climb hills with mudguards and saddlebag! If the funds will stretch to it, there may also be prizes for Vet40, Vet50 and Vet60.

The Ride Headquarters is Diggle Band Club which is just below the start of the climb on Huddersfield Road where you will pick up your race numbers and which will have the Result Board. Pie & Peas will be available for a very reasonable charge and the Bar will be open. We ask you to observe any restrictions in the Band Club and at the road-side in line with current Covid-19 guidelines.

Deadline for entries is 4th August, or when the Start List is full, whichever comes earlier. We may take Entries on the day if we haven't exceeded 120 riders, but these will not be eligible for prizes. Hint, get your entry the Organiser ASAP!

The Beard Cup is organised by East Lancashire Road Club/Rochdale CTC on behalf of Manchester & District CTC.Entries to: DAVID TRIPPIER, Hill Cottage, Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LJ.

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Year Club / Section Time Rider 1 Rider 2 Rider 3           Team wins
2015 East Lancashire Road Club 15:51.5 Chris Green Alex Trippier Andy Gorton   Blackburn CTC 23
2014 East Lancashire Road Club 15:55.1 C.Green D.Brejwo I.Grime   Oldham CTC 22
2013 Saddleworth Clarion 15.58.2 B.Gillespie S.Cullen I.Canaway   North Lancs NW 12
2012 Blackburn & District CTC 15.52.6 C.Helliwell D.Ebbrell D.Collinge   Rochdale CTC 8
2011 Blackburn & District CTC 15.00.7 C.Helliwell I.Stott C.Edmondson   Prestwich & Whitefield CTC 4
2010 Blackburn & District CTC 16.32.4 C.Helliwell C.Edmondson D.Collinge   West Manchester CTC 4
2009 Blackburn & District CTC 14.59.0 A.Pinder C.Helliwell D.Collinge   Bury CTC 3
2008 Blackburn & District CTC 14.22.7 A.Pinder C.Edmondson I.Stott   East Lancashire Road Club 2
2007 Blackburn & District CTC 15.22.0 A.Pinder C.Edmondson D.Collinge   Bradford CTC 1
2006 Blackburn & District CTC 14.53.3 C.Helliwell D.Collinge A.Pinder   North Lancs CTC 1
2005 Blackburn & District CTC 16:25.0 D.Collinge C.Edmondson A.Pinder   Saddleworth Clarion 1
2004 Blackburn & District CTC 15:56.7 D.Collinge A.Pinder P.G.Smith      
2003 Blackburn & District CTC 15;00.9 D.Ebbrell D.Collinge C.Edmondson      
2002 Blackburn & District CTC 15:45/05 D.Ebbrell C.Helliwell D.Collinge      
2001 Blackburn & District CTC 15:17.6 D.Collinge C.Helliwell N.Reynolds      
2000 Blackburn & District CTC 14:05.3 I.Stott C.Helliwell P.G.Smith      
1999 Blackburn & District CTC 14:31.3 I.Stott C.Helliwell S.Pearson      
1998 Blackburn & District CTC 16:19 P.G.Smith R.Horne C.Lee      
1997 Oldham CTC 14:09.9 B.M.Green S.C.Green M.Flynn      
1996 Blackburn & District CTC 14:01 P.G.Smith C.Helliwell I.Stott      
1995 Blackburn CTC 15:3.8 J.Yates I.Stott P.G.Smith      
1994 Oldham CTC M.Flynn D.Rowbottom P.Collins      
1993 Oldham CTC 13:14 S.C.Green B.M.Green M.Flynn      
1992 Oldham CTC 06:39.8 S.C.Green M.Flynn D.Flynn      
1991 Oldham CTC 12:50.7 S.C.Green B.M.Green M.Flynn      
1990 Oldham CTC 06:27.3 S.C.Green B.M.Green M.Flynn      
1989 Blackburn CTC 06:25.9 R.P.Chadwick I.Kay I.J.Yates      
1988 Blackburn CTC 04:39.06 J.S.Whiteley R.P.Chadwick I.J.Yates      
1987 Blackburn CTC 02:57.8 J.S.Whiteley P.G.Smith I.J.Yates      
1986 Blackburn CTC 08:56.8 P.G.Smith R.Rawcliffe B.J.Orr      
1985 Blackburn CTC 04:51.8 P.G.Smith J.S.Whiteley B.J.Orr      
1984 Blackburn CTC 20:37.2 P.G.Smith J.S.Whiteley B.J.Orr      
1983 Rochdale CTC 06:23.2 A.Dearden P.Ogden C.Slater      
1982 Rochdale CTC 05;26.4 A.Dearden W.Howarth S.Chadwick      
1981 West Manchester CTC 03:18 D.Fearon L.Edwards C.Needham      
1980 Rochdale CTC 06:43.6 A.Dearden C.Slater W.Howarth      
1979 Rochdale CTC 02:20.6 D.Trippier A.Dearden N.Hill      
1978 Rochdale CTC 03:6.2 D.Trippier A.Dearden N.Hill      
1977 North Lancs CTC 03:10.4 C.Miller A.Gornall A.Kemp      
1976 West Manchester CTC 03:11.2 R.W.Browning C.I.Oehlcke H.Plant      
1975 West Manchester CTC 03:9.6 R.W.Browning H.Plant I.Ross      
1974 North Lancs NW 03:40.6 D.Holden C.Miller A.Stott      
1973 Oldham CTC 03:20 J.Kershaw J.Kenworthy L.J.Green      
1972 Oldham CTC 03:21.4 J.Kershaw L.J.Green K.Taylor      
1971 North Lancs NW 03:26 T.Melling T.Waring D.Young      
1970 Rochdale CTC 03:7.4 J.Uttley N.Platt M.Greaves      
1969 Oldham CTC 02:59 J.Kershaw P.Kemp = L.J.Green/J.J.Barber      
1968 North Lancs NW 05:02 T.Melling T.Waring D.Holden      
1967 Rochdale CTC 02:49 N.Platt R.Miller G.C.Greenwood      
1966 Oldham CTC 03:32 G.Somerville L.J.Green L.Bailey      
1965 Oldham CTC 03:26 G.Somerville L.J.Green D.Garlick      
1964 Oldham CTC 03:33 G.Somerville D.Garlick K.Earnshaw      
1963 Oldham CTC 03:50 M.Wolstenholme L.J.Green G.Bowyer      
1962 Prestwich & Whitefield CTC 03:23 J.Stafford D.Hall R.Greaves      
1961 Oldham CTC 03:38 L.J.Green K.Earnshaw E.Valentine      
1960 Oldham CTC 03:21 S.Whitworth L.J.Green K.Thomson      
1959 Prestwich & Whitefield CTC 03:21 P.Clark G.Fairhurst P.Hutchinson      
1958 Prestwich & Whitefield CTC 03:05 G.Entwistle P.Clark G.Fairhurst      
1957 Prestwich & Whitefield CTC 03:25 R.Wilkinson P.W.Clark G.Entwistle      
1956 North Lancs NW 03:17 K.Hartley J.Burrows B.Collins      
1955 North Lancs NW 03:48 K.Hartley B.Collins N.Almond      
1954 North Lancs NW 03:41 H.Westwell N.Almond B.Collins      
1953 North Lancs NW 03:39 H.Westwell R.Haslam B.Collins      
1952 North Lancs NW 03:30 J.Burrows H.Westwell J.Graves      
1951 Oldham CTC 03:51 M.Lowe W.Lees H.Jowett      
1950 North Lancs NW 04:31 H.Matthews E.C. Roberts B.Collins      
1949 North Lancs NW 04:20 F.Wild E.C. Roberts B.Wearden      
1948 North Lancs NW 04:11 H.Westwell B.Wearden F.Wild      
1947 North Lancs NW 04:08 H.Westwell E.C. Roberts B.Green      
1946 Rochdale CTC 04:15 H.Benson K.L.Riley R.Butterworth      
1945 West Manchester CTC 04:32 K.W.Leatherbarrow D.Whittle R.Summers      
1939 Bradford CTC 03:43 J.Holmes J.Mapplebeck J.Rhodes      
1938 Bury CTC 04:00 H.Brown A.Leach G.Pickup      
1937 Bury CTC 03:58 H.Brown S.Garratt F.Howarth      
1936 Oldham CTC 03:58 C.C. Copeland A. Peatfield J.A.Hartley      
1935 Bury CTC 04:00 J.A. Battersby R. Harris J.Lucas      
1933 Oldham CTC 04:04 C.C. Copeland J. Kershaw H.Broderick      
1932 Oldham CTC 05:31 H.Broderick S. Cook S. Armitage      
1931 Oldham CTC 05:58 C.C. Copeland E. Kevitt J. Horrocks      
1930 Oldham CTC 06:12.5 C.C. Copeland E. Kevitt J. Horrocks      
1929 Oldham CTC 08:41 C.C. Copeland A. Peatfield H.Broderick      
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