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A day at the Velopark

Saturday 29th October 2016

Previous AGM Minutes
29/10/2016 Agenda
Location of Velopark
TfGM Cycle Maps (paper)
TfGM Cycle Map (online)
Sustrans Map
Metrolink map
Ride route sheet
Ride GPX file
Velopark Cafe
Mountain Bike Trails
Social Ride
MTB Skills Zone
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From 8:00 Breakfast in the Velodrome Cafe
10:00 - 13:00 Start of social ride
MTB Skills Zone
Clayton Vale Mountain Bike Trails
13:00 - 14:00Lunch at the Velodrome Cafe
14:00 - 16:00AGM
Manchester & District CTC is having a day of cycling activities based at the Manchester Velopark. Join us for breakfast in the Velopark cafe (which opens at 8am) before we set off on a social ride at 10am.

After we've returned from the ride we'll hold our AGM, where you'll get your chance to shape how the CTC operates in the Manchester Area.

Why not finish off the day with a ride on the Velodrome track itself, by booking yourself on a Taster Session.

There will also be the opportunity to do some bike shopping at the local branch of Evans Cycles, which is open 10am until 5pm.

Getting here:
  • By car: there should be plenty of parking (we've checked that Manchester City are not at home).

  • By bike (of course!): there are bike racks just outside the main entrance to the Velodrome. Don't forget to BRING A BIKE LOCK! If you want a cycle-friendly route to the Velodrome, you should consult the TfGM Online Cycle Map.You can also order a printed copy free of charge.

  • By train: follow National Cycle Route 86 from Manchester Piccadilly.

  • By tram: The Metrolink Veopark station is on the Ashton line, but remember that bikes are only allowed on of they are folded and bagged.

click here for MTB Trails

The Social Ride

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This will be an easy-paced ride from the Velopark, with a prompt 10am start. The route will be suitable for road bikes or mountain bikes, and will use a mix of quite streets and some well surfaced cycle paths. We won't leave anyone behind so if we find that we've got some cyclists wanting a more energetic ride, we'll send them off on a longer ride to work off their enthusiasm.

Things to bring with you
  • a bike (obviously!). A road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid would be suitable.
  • a helmet - but only if you want to, we let you make up your own mind on this matter
  • some money in case we stop somewhere for a tea or coffee
  • some rain gear - not that you will need it of course, this being Manchester in October
  • a spare inner tube, especially if you have unusual sized tyres
Off road alternative

Alternatively, bring your mountain bike and try out the MTB Skills Zone and Mountain Bike Trails. There are 4 levels of Trail, described as easy, moderate, difficult and extreme. If you find all of this is thirsty work, there is a cafe at Clayton Vale Visitor Centre and back at the Velopark.

Join us for the 10am start, and we'll take you to Clayton Vale as part of the Social Ride, leaving you to play to your heart's content. See above for a suggestion of things to bring: you'll probably welcome the chunkier tyres and suspension on a Mountain Bike, and a helmet and gloves are probably a very good idea.

Annual General Meeting

Previous AGM Minutes
29/10/2016 Agenda
Social Ride
MTB Skills Zone
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We start at 2pm and we would really appreciate your presence to tell us how you think we're doing, and what you think we should be doing. Click on the links to see the Previous Minutes and Agenda.

The meeting takes place in the Boardroom suite. The entrance is to the left of the Velodrome Cafe and to the left of Evans Cycles. There is cycle parking outside, but don't forget to bring a lock.

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