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Super Randonneur Series

CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association London-Edinburgh, 28 July 2013
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Peak Audax Calendar
        Mere 200   
        Chirk 200   
        Plains 300   
        Llanfair 400   
        National 400   
        Severn 600   
A short steep climb on the<br>Chirk 200 (photo: Damon Peacock)
A short steep climb on the
Chirk 200 (photo: Damon Peacock)
If you are looking for a Peak Audax Super Randonneur series - that's events at 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km - then we have the rides for you. These traditional events start from near Stockport and head over the Cheshire Plains into Wales.

200: There is a choice of 200km events, starting from Cheadle, Poynton, Winsford, Denshaw or Broken Cross.

300: The Plains 300 crosses the Cheshire and Shropshire Plains to Newtown. With a 23:00 hours start time, you'll need your lights!

400: The Llanfair PG 400 goes from Poynton to Holyhead and back, following the North Wales coastline but managing to avoid the heavily trafficked A55 Expressway.

600: Complete your Super Randonneur series with the Pair of Kirtons 600 with a ride to Lincolnshire and back via Kirton Lindsey and Kirton near Boston.
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