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A Cheshire Safari (160 km)
Sunday 08/11/2020 (start: 08:30)
  Event Cancelled! 

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Rider Numbers
13 11/11/2019: 40
12 11/11/2018: 34
11 12/11/2017: 39
10 06/11/2016: 66
 9 08/11/2015: 46
 8 09/11/2014: 60
 7 10/11/2013: 70
 6 11/11/2012: 61
 5 16/11/2011: 39
 4 14/11/2010: 21
 3 08/11/2009: 36
 2 09/11/2008: 68
 1 04/11/2007: 28
We won't be running the Cheshire Safari in 2020, and you can probably guess why. We could run the event without meeting at the start and finish, and by ensuring that no more than 6 of us are together at any one point, but somehow that doesn't seem to capture the spirit of an Audax Calendar Event.

Instead, you might want to ride a Perm on your own or with a small group (6 or fewer) of your club mates. Have a look at Wigley Perms. The Audlem 150 is probably the most similar Perm to the Cheshire.

Of course, you could just go out on your bike, and we encourage you to do so, as the benefits of keeping fit cannot be overemphasised. You must do so safely and within current guidelines. You will find Eureka Cafe and Great Budworth Icecream Farm will still welcome you, provided you follow their precautions, so having a mask and a small bottle of hand gel in your saddlebag would be a good idea.

We hope to be back for 2021. Keep an eye on this website as we'll start to put on Calendar Rides as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.
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