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Calendar of Events

CTC: the national cyclists AUK: the UK
page updated: 03/10/2022 - 14:48

Calendar of Events

2022 From Events Distance AAA
Sun 13th Nov 2022 Cheadle Eureka! 213 km
Sun 27th Nov 2022 Poynton A Cheshire Safari 166 km
Sun 18th Dec 2022 Bredbury Winter Solstice 201 km
2023 From Events Distance AAA
Sat  7th Jan 2023 Bradwell A Hopey New Year 104 km
Sun 29th Jan 2023 Cheadle Newport PBP 200 km
Sun 12th Mar 2023 Winsford Scouting Mam Tor PBP 200 km
Edale Run 100 km
Sat 18th Mar 2023 Hope Spring in the Peak 106 km 2
Sun 26th Mar 2023 Poynton Chirk PBP 200 km
Budworths  tbc  111 km
Sat 15th Apr 2023 Poynton Plains PBP 310 km
Sat 29th Apr 2023 Caton Stumped and Dented PBP 202 km
A Bit Dented 152 km 2
Barely Dented 103 km
Sat  6th May 2023 Poynton LlanfairPG PBP 407 km
Sun 21st May 2023 Cheadle Eccleshall 209 km
Sat 10th Jun 2023 Poynton A Pair of Kirtons PBP 612 km
Sun 25th Jun 2023 Poynton Mountains and Moelhills  tbc  210 km
Sun  2nd Jul 2023 Poynton Mill Meece Century  tbc  163 km
Wed  2nd Aug 2023 Marple Dark Peak  tbc  106 km
Wed  9th Aug 2023 Marple Mid Peak  tbc  106 km
Wed 16th Aug 2023 Marple West Peak  tbc  103 km
Wed 23rd Aug 2023 Marple White Peak  tbc  103 km
Wed 30th Aug 2023 Marple Staffs Peak  tbc  110 km
Sun 17th Sep 2023 Mytholmroyd Cragg Vale Challenge  tbc  100 km
Sun 22nd Oct 2023 Congleton Horseshoe Pass  tbc  200 km

Have we got a great set of rides for you at Peak Audax for 2023? Spoiler alert: yes! After Covid-19, we're resuming our cycling activities with a relish.

Preparing to start from Cheadle
We're running our Super Randonneur series consisting of several 200s, the Plains 300 , the Llanfair PG 400 and the Pair of Kirtons 600 . Those will get you to SR status and a PBP qualification. If you're not planning to ride PBP, we're sure that you'll enjoy our rides just for the fun of it.

The season starts with the Eureka 200 (not a qualifier) and the Cheshire Safari in November. This pair of events are normally run on the same day so this is a chance to ride both.

Two much-loved rides return to the Calendar after taking Covid break, the Winter Solstice in December and the Hopey New Year in January. While we don't have anything planned for February, we can thoroughly recommend the Mere 200, once one of our rides but now run by North Cheshire Clarion.

Things get really interesting from March with rides in each month. If you are wanting a Randonneur Round the Year award, we have the rides for you.

Our rides are open to all cyclists, and you do not have to be a member of Peak Audax in order to take part in the rides. Members of Audax UK and Cycling UK enter these events at the Members' Rate, but non-members are welcome too with a
supplement to the Entry Fee of £3.00; this gives you temporary membership of Audax UK for the duration of the event, which means that if you are a UK resident, you will have 3rd party insurance for the duration of the event.

An autumn ride

Time for a quick brew before the ride