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Monyash 100 Grimpeur

Perms from 01/08/2020Perms from 01/08/2020 CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association
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After the Covid-19 lockdown, certain Perms are back from 1st August. However, you should still observe any restrictions about carrying out group activities. No cycling to Barnard Castle!

Our traditional cafes and shops might not all still be available. Please support those that are, but you should carry sufficient supplies in case they are not. Please pass any updates about controls to the Organiser.

A ride out through the Peak District to one of my favourite cafes - the Old Smithy at Monyash which always has a welcome for cyclists.

This ride takes in the Brickworks climb out of Pott Shrigley, a real challenging struggle out of Combs, followed by Kirk Dale out of Ashford in the Water to our favourite cafe in Monyash. Return through Buxton, over Oldgate Nick to another cafe at Rainow, before we get back to Marple.

Not all controls have 24/7 options so you should choose your start time accordingly. You could also record your progress as a GPX file and submit that for validation.
Some Useful Café Suggestions:

  47km: Monsall Head, Hobbs Cafe
  60km: Monyash, Old Smithy Cafe
  86km: Rainow, Common Barn Tea Room
 107km: Marple, Co-op
Rider Numbers
14 2019: 9
13 2018: 6
12 2017: 17
11 2016: 9
10 2015: 10
 9 2014: 11
 8 2013: 20
 7 2012: 4
 6 2011: 6
 5 2010: 3
 4 2009: 4
 3 2008: 6
 2 2007: 5
 1 2006: 4
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