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The Cheshire bits of the Peak District with climbs to Cleulow, Mow Cop and encroaching briefly into Staffordshire for the Roaches before a return to Cheshire for Wildboarclough and the return to Marple. Formerly known as Mow Cop Perm but now hillier!

You thought that the county of Cheshire was flat? This event will put you right as you explore the bits of the Peak District within the ancient county of Cheshire.
Fine views of Cheshire from Mow Cop
Fine views of Cheshire from Mow Cop

Starting from Marple, there's a fairly easy ride to Bollington, Kerridge and skirting Macclesfield to reach Cleulow with fine views over the flat bit of Cheshire towards Wales. After the first cafe stop at Astbury, you have the short but severe climb to Mow Cop to enter Staffordshire and the fine scenery of the Roches.

Return to Cheshire for the ride through Wildboarclough and the deer park in Lyme Park on your way back to Marple.

Not all controls have 24/7 options so you should choose your start time accordingly. You could also record your progress as a GPX file and submit that for validation.

This Perm was formerly known as the Mow Cop, one of Rob Kilby's events but now starting from Marple instead of Stockport, with even Mower climbing).

18 2023: 2
17 2022: 1
16 2021: 3
15 2020: 1
14 2019: 3
13 2018: 7
12 2017: 12
11 2016: 6
10 2015: 10
 9  2014: 3
 8  2013: 5
 7  2012: 7
 6  2011: 2
 5  2010: 4
 4  2009: 4
 3  2008: 2
 2  2007: 5
 1  2006: 1