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Into the Limestone area of the Peak District, to Monsall Head and Monyash

A pleasant trip into the White Peak, so named because of the predominance of limestone features. There are some steep climbs but nothing that goes on for too long, although the climb out of Wash is a stiff challenge, and the Long Rake does seem to go on a bit as the name might suggest.

You will see some of the best bits of the Peak District - Monsall Head, Ashford in the Water, Tideswell, Lathkill Dale, Long Dale - and although popular hot-spots, you should find the roads are not too busy.
whit Perm map

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There are excellent cafes at Monsall Head and at Monyash, both of which welcome cyclists and can set you up for the rest of the ride.

You will need to apply some caution on the descent through Cressbrook, as the temptation is to 'let it go' without respecting the hairpin bend half way down.

Not all controls have 24/7 options so you should choose your start time accordingly. You could also record your progress as a GPX file and submit that for validation.
Climbing on the White Peak
Climbing on the White Peak

Pick a good day, as it can be a bit wild on the tops, and some of those descents can be slippy when wet.
eBrevet Some Useful Cafe Suggestions:

38km: Monsall Head, Hobbs Cafe
67km: Monyash, Old Smithy Cafe
106km: Marple, Co-op
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