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Getting your Wyres Crossed! A trip to the Fylde coast, including the famous seaside place that's noted for fresh air and fun.

This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet e_Brevet app . This ride heads north out of Saddleworth through Milnrow, Whitworth, Haslingden and Ribchester. The ride is flat after reaching Wyre Borough and Knott End is reached easily.

Before setting off, you need to download the timetable for the Knott End Ferry. The ferry is unable to operate at low tides so the timetable changes daily. See Knott End Ferry Timetables .
Getting your Wyres crossed
Getting your Wyres crossed

The ferry leaves every half hour (if running) so you should control at either Knott End or Fleetwood as time permits; there is a cafe at both ferry terminals. But don't worry if you miss the ferry, there is an alternative route to Lytham St Annes via Poulton-le-Fylde.

From Fleetwood, follow the Fylde coast through Cleveleys and Blackpool.

After the last control at St Annes, the Perm then has to negotiate Preston but there is a great route through the disused docks using the Guild Wheel Cyclepath as shown on the Preston Cycling Map

The route then takes to the West Pennine Moors with a climb from Darwen onto the Roman Road through Edgeworth before dropping to Bury.

There's a neat bit of cyclepath to get to Pilsworth and avoiding the M66 roundabout at junction 2, which you can see on the TfGM cycling map

The run-in to Uppermill takes you through Middleton, Royton and High Moor.
 ½  Elland 50
 2  Aintree 200
 ½  Torrs
 2  Bowland *
 1  Bretton 100 *
 2  Goulish
 1  Lymestone
 2  Oat Cuisine
 1  West Ridin' *
 2  See Dee
 1  Where's Whalley
 2  Trough
 1  Widdop *
 2  Wigley
Slaidburn 150 *
 2  Wylde Fyre
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Perms are also available with starts from Dean Row , Poynton and Stalybridge .
 4  2023: 2
 3  2022: 4
 2  2021: 3
 1  2020: 7