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A tour of the Meres of Cheshire and Shropshire. The start is from the 24/7 petrol station at Dean Row, with parking available in a nearby layby. .
The Mere at Ellesmere, a perfect picnic spot
The Mere at Ellesmere, a perfect picnic spot

entry This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet. This is the permanent version of the calendar event, which is normally run in winter, so here is a chance to ride it again perhaps in better weather. In fact, if you pick a good day to ride (and it's a Perm, why would you pick a bad day?) you could buy a sandwich at Ellesmere petrol station or the Co-op and find a bench beside The Mere for a perfect alfresco lunch.

The route passes the many Meres of Cheshire and Shropshire (Mere, Budworth Mere, Hatchmere, Delamere, Oakmere, Hanmer Mere, Newton Mere, Blake Mere, Ellesmere, White Mere, and Colemere). This is excellent cycling countryside with lots of quiet lanes. Although not a hilly ride, these are numerous undulations, but the route is probably still fine for those who insist on riding fixed.

The 2019 revision has reduced the number of controls, so you now have 24/7 options at all controls.
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Rider Numbers
17 2023: ?
16 2022: 9
15 2021: 8
14 2020: 9
13 2019: 4
12 2018: 19
11 2017: 14
10 2016: 9
 9  2015: 7
 8  2014: 5
 7  2013: 11
 6  2012: 12
 5  2011: 6
 4  2010: 14
 3  2009: 16
 2  2008: 9
 1  2007: 11