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Wirral going on a bike ride! This is the Permanent version of the calendar ride, normally run in November, so here's a chance to ride it in better weather. You can ride on any date other than 12th November 2023 when you can join us for the Eureka 200 Calendar ride.

The closure of Eureka Cafe after more than 80 years is a sad loss, but the route has been revised and now visits the excellent Nets cafe near Neston.
The bridge at Saltney Ferry
The bridge at Saltney Ferry

The highlight of the ride is probably the off-road section from Neston to Saltney. The cyclepath takes you over Burton Marshes, through Deeside Industrial Park (it's better than it sounds) and alongside the river Dee. There is also a cyclepath alongside the busy A5104 to Bretton.

The ride flirts with the Welsh border and you end up changing countries 4 times (which was a bit of a nightmare during Covid restrictions).

The controls aren't open on a 24 hour basis, although you should be able to pick a suitable start time to enable you to validate your ride. Better still, use the E-Brevet and you are no longer reliant on shop opening hours to establish your 'proof of pasaage'.
 1  Radway 100
Audlem Century
 2  Eccleshall
 2  Eureka
 2  Holt
 2  Mere
 2  Newport
 2  Ruthin
 2  St Asaph
If you like this ride, you may wish to try another Perm from Dean Row.

Perms are also available with starts from Poynton , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
15 2023: 14
14 2022: 11
13 2021: 13
12 2020: 7
11 2019: 16
10 2018: 9
 9  2017: 23
 8  2016: 18
 7  2015: 15
 6  2014: 10
 5  2013: 19
 4  2012: 9
 3  2011: 11
 2  2010: 3
 1  2009: 23