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Plenty of pleasant Cheshire lanes through Swettenham, the Whitegate Way, Tatton Park and a cafe in the Pennyfarthing museum; what more could you ask for? It's a cracking ride, and if it is a little overdistance at 117km, that's because there's simply too much to fit in.

This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet e_Brevet app . The start is at Dean Row, between Stockport and Wilmslow, where there is a 24 hour petrol station, or the Unicorn pub next door. There is parking in a nearby layby.

You can ride any date other than 11th February 2024 when instead you should ride with us on the Radway 100 .
Ride through Tatton deer park
Ride through Tatton deer park

Head south, crossing the River Dane at Swettenham to reach the first control at Radway Green. Take care after the ford in Swettenham, where a landslip has closed the road. A single bike, and perhaps a skillful tandem crew, might get through with care, but if you are on a trike, or a recumbant, you should consider diverting by taking the next right turn.

Pop under the M6 then it's back via lanes to Winsford and Bottom Flash. We use the Whitegate Way, a former railway and now cycleway - give way to horses and dog walkers. It's not tarmac, but the surface is still OK even for skinny tyres and tandems.

The control at Cuddington is a convenience store, or you could try the bakery next door for a coffee and a treat from the cake counter. The control is only available 6am until 8pm, so choose your start time accordingly, or record your progress by GPX for validation.

As you wend your way around the outskirts of Northwich, spare a moment to marvel at Anderton Boat Lift .

Although there isn't a control at Knutsford, you should call in at the Courtyard Coffee House, which has a fine display of Pennyfarthings.

Finish with a ride through Tatton Park deer park and through the tunnels beneath Manchester Airport. Note that Tatton Park is closed on Mondays during the 'low' season between October to March . If shut, when exiting King Street in Knutsford, take the next right on Mereheath Lane, then right at T and first right on Ashley Road to reach Rostherne Gate.
Traffic free cycling on The Whitegate Way
Traffic free cycling on The Whitegate Way
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