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sout Perm map
click for Southport-Stalybridge route map

A one-way trip from Southport to Stalybridge, or indeed from Stalybridge to Southport. For the return trip, there is a direct train link between the two places, so you will need to buy a single to Southport (or to Stalybridge). Or you could just cycle back of course. If you want a 200km Audax ride from Uppermill to Southport and back, see the Aintree 200 .

The route crosses the Manchester Ship Canal at Warburton Toll Bridge, which is free for cyclists.

The two routes, Stalybridge-Southport and Southport-Stalybridge, aren't exactly identical as there are a few one-way streets to be negotiated and some junctions might work better in one direction, so make sure you are using the right route sheet or GPX file.

You can ride this Perm with the eBrevet e_Brevet app . You will have to customise the E-Brevet if you plan to start from Southport but there are instructions how to do this on the link.

 1  Southport 100
 2  Scarborough 200
 2  Llanfair 200
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sout Perm map
click for Stalybridge-Southport route map
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