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This is the Perm version of the Budworths 100 Calendar ride. You can ride it using the eBrevet e_Brevet app or using traditional PoPs, such as collecting till receipts. The Perm can be ridden on any date except 24th March 2024 where it clashes with the Calendar version of this ride.

Just why Great Budworth and Little Budworth are so far apart (about 19km as the Audaxer cycles) is a bit of a mystery.

Great Budworth may be a picturesque village but it has the added feature of a cafe at the Icecream Farm, popular on a number of Peak Audax events. You should choose a start time and ride direction carefully. The cafe tends to open from 12-5pm. If you are on an early start , use eBrevet MW45-1309-20240511 so that you'll get to Great Budworth after 76km. For a late start use eBrevet MW45 as you'll reach Great Budworth after 31km.

Little Budworth is small (as the name might suggest) and quiet (that is unless there is racing going on at nearby Oulton Park).

The ride goes past the Anderton Boat Lift, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Eaterways, so is worth a look.

The ride also passes the site of Whitegate Station, which has a useful cafe.
Cycling through the picturesque
        <br>village of Great Budworth
Cycling through the picturesque
village of Great Budworth
 ½  Elementary 50
 1  Budworths 100
Safari 150
 2  Chirk 200
 2  Llanfair 200
 3  Monty 300
 3  Plains 300
 4  Llanfair 400
 6  Kirtons 600
If you like this ride, you may wish to try another of the Perms from Poynton.

Perms are also available with starts from Dean Row , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
 1  2023: 7