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This Perm can be ridden at any time of day or night using the eBrevet, except where it clashes with the Calendar version (IE not on 10-11 June 2023).

The route uses the Humber Bridge which is open again to cyclists ONLY between the hours of 5am-9pm, so choose your starting time accordingly.

Should you still find the bridge closed when you reach it, check the route sheet and GPX files for the alternative which will add up to 25km - extra time will be permitted if this is the case.

Pull yourself together and complete your 'Wigley Super Perms' series by riding 'A Pair of Kirtons'. It is a 600 with everything; a climb over the Pennines, a crossing of the world's 11th longest bridge, some fabulously flat cycling in Lincolnshire, and marvellous 24 hour catering throughout.

Please note that this Perm is Brevet Randonneur (BR) and not a Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux (BRM). That means it cannot be used as a PBP qualifier, nor for those ACP awards that require a BRM event.

The route has been revised for 2021, taking out some bits of road that had become rather busy since this ride was first set up. It now features a second suspension bridge at Horkstow. What it doesn't have is a Pair of Kirtons. The ride used to go through Kirton-in-Lindsey and Kirton-in-Holland but a route revision means that Lindsey is no longer featured.

eBrevet This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet. The Perm nominally starts from Poynton but you could start at any control if this is more convenient. The advantage of Poynton is that it has free car parking and you get the main climbing over with early in the ride. You also save the easy navigation bits for the night time (and you should be able to ride across the Humber!).

Saddleworth Moor is the literal high-point at 493m with a long descent to Holmfirth. This road is called the Isle of Skye Road by locals, after the inn of that name that used to be here. It burnt down 50 years ago but as there are no other landmarks on this bleak moor the name has stuck.

After that, you head east onto the Yorkshire flat lands. Our destination is the spectacular Humber Bridge, a multimillion pound crossing which at the time of opening was the longest suspension bridge in the world of its type, although it now doesn't even make the top ten. This is closely followed by Horkstow Bridge, another suspension Bridge but about 150 years older.

The whole of Lincolnshire now stretches before you with some inviting lanes. Be warned; there's nowhere to hide on the dead straight roads of Holland, so if it's windy you will have your work cut out. You are aiming for Boston, famous for its Stump, and (within the endurance cycling world) a 24 hour McDonalds.
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens
Boston Stump, a prominent landmark in the Fens

The Boston-Uttoxter section of the route has been designed with over-night riding in mind; the navigation is easy and there are 24 hour services along the way. If you plan it right, you could even have a few hours sleep at a Travelodge.

Just save something in the tank for the stretch from Uttoxeter to Stone. It's a bit hilly, and while you would hardly notice on a shorter ride, with 250 miles in your legs those short rises can certainly make themself felt.
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark
The Humber Bridge, a Lincolnshire landmark
Elementary 50 Monty 300
Budworths 100 Plains 300
Safari 150 Llanfair PG 400
Chirk 200 Perm Kirtons 600
Llanfair PG 200
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starts from Dean Row , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
eBrevet Some Useful Cafe Suggestions:

94km: Askern, Lakeside Cafe
152km: Brough, Cafe Indulge
222km: Gainsborough, Morrisons
308km: Boston, McDonalds
460km: Uttoxter, Starbucks, Burger King
542km: Prees Heath, Raven cafe
Rider Numbers
13 2022: 9
12 2021: 7
11 2020: 2
10 2019: 3
9 2018: 4
8 2017: 6
7 2016: 4
6 2015: 2
5 2014: 3
4 2013: 6
3 2012: 6
2 2011: 4
1 2010: 2