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Welcome to Long Distance Cycling with a short trip from Poynton to Holmes Chapel (Elementary my dear Watson). Lots of quiet Cheshire Lanes, the iconic Jodrell Bank, and a golden 'olympic' pillar box. It might only be a 50km ride but it could be the start to some truly Long Distance Cycling up to 100km, 200km, 600km... who knows how far you can go?
Long Distance cycling
        <br>at Jodrell Bank
Long Distance cycling
at Jodrell Bank

eBrevet This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet. Even as 'just' a 50km ride, it offers a few hours pleasant dalliance in the Cheshire lanes, and will count towards the Brevet 250 award from Audax UK. While you could complete this Perm in just about 50km as a straight out and back, the route is much more interesting than that. 'Interesting' means it becomes 64km.

The interesting bits include:

• a 'golden' pillar box to commemorate the gold medal achieved by Sarah Storey in the 2012 Olympics for the 500m Time Trial (that's only half a kilometre but you've got to start long distance cycling somewhere. In fairness, Sarah will no doubt have ridden many thousands of kilometres in preparation for that event. Sarah is currently the Greater Manchester Cycling Commissioner.

• a short bit of off-road cycling at the Hermitage just after Holmes Chapel, and another short stretch of bridleway at Chelford.

• Jodrell Bank telescope (showing us what Long Distance truly is. To them, 100km is mere fraction of a light-millisecond. On the other hand there is decent cafe at their visitor centre).

• lots of lovely Cheshire lanes and some delightful villages.

The ride starts from Poynton, near Stockport. There is free parking at the public car park off Park Lane (near Waitrose - just make sure you park in one of the 'long-term' spaces otherwise you could receive a fine.
An Olympic pillar box in Poynton
An Olympic pillar box in Poynton
Goostrey Church, a regular
        <br>landmark on Peak Audax rides
Goostrey Church, a regular
landmark on Peak Audax rides
 ½  Elementary 50
 1  Budworths 100
Safari 150
 2  Chirk 200
 2  Llanfair 200
 3  Monty 300
 3  Plains 300
 4  Llanfair 400
 6  Kirtons 600
If you like this ride, you may wish to try another of the Perms from Poynton.

Perms are also available with starts from Dean Row , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
 5  2023: 13
 4  2022: 8
 3  2021: 5
 2  2020: 9
 1  2019: 4