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eBrevet This Perm can be ridden with the eBrevet. Enjoy the delights of cycling across Anglesey, with it's quite roads and fine views of the Snowdonian ranges. Don't worry, there's no serious climbing on this ride, as once you hit the mainland, you will follow the North Wales coast, using well engineered cycle paths to skirt the cycling-unfriendly A55.
An audaxer
An audaxer's bike outside a Welsh railway station

Cross the Menai Straits on both of the spectacular bridges, Telford's Menai Bridge on the way off Anglesey and Stephenson's Britannia Bridge on the way back.

Refreshments shouldn't be a problem on this ride, with holiday resorts all along the coast, although you might find Anglesey is more sparcely served by shops and cafes.
 1  Radway 100
Audlem Century
 2  Eccleshall
 2  Eureka
 2  Holt
 2  Mere
 2  Newport
 2  Ruthin
 2  St Asaph
If you like this ride, you may wish to try another Perm from Dean Row.

Perms are also available with starts from Poynton , Stalybridge and Uppermill .
11 2023: 4
10 2022: 4
 9  2021: 1
 8  2020: 2
 7  2019: 3
 6  2018: 1
 5  2017: 1
 4  2016: 2
 3  2015: 0
 2  2014: 4
 1  2013: 2